Company today

Since 2006 Mining Design Bureau PANGAZ acts as a registered public limited company.
We continuously expand scope and quality of projects that we deliver to our clients. We do our best to keep our infrastructure, tools and knowledge base up to date with industry standards thus providing efficient working enviroment.
Our main asset are our employees. We actively invest in their personal and professional growth i.e. through supporting their academic degree studies and required designing qualifications in a gas mining and development as well as in other correlated fields.
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Brief history

Since year 1948 in Cracow operates - as governmental enterprise - Mining Projects and Studies Bureau. Discovery of large gas and oil deposits in Polish Lowland (sixties and seventies of the 20th century) leads to creation of the Oil Studio in Cracow as a branch of the Mining Projects and Studies Bureau. The Oil Studio prepares - among the others - development and management projects for the biggest deposits - Bogdaj and Żuchlów. The Oil Studio continues working in a gas and oil industry gaining valueable experince until early nineties. In the years after collapse of the communist Polish goverment in 1989 coal industry which was the main interest of the Mining Projects and Studies Bureau is in a deep crisis and the Oil Studio suffers as well. This leads to funding of the privately owned Mining Design Bureau PANGAZ in 1996 which saves the experience and the staff of the failing Oil Studio and continues to operate in the gas development and management field.